Plenary Panel

Tuesday, September 13
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Magic Kingdom 1&4
A panel of automatic test system technical experts representing the multiple military services will offer vision and insights focused on Test Program Set development and sustainment environments, requirements, and current and future challenges. The Panel will address TPS development trends, commercial standards needed and will provide TPS program summaries for each of the military Services.
Moderator: Bill Ross, Eagle Systems, NAVAIR ATS Support
  • Tony Conard - US Navy, TPS Acquisition Team Lead, NAVAIR Jacksonville
  • Mike Malesich - US Navy, Head, ATE Software Branch, Support Equipment Division, NAVAIR Lakehurst
  • Joseph Francis - US Air Force, ACS Directorate, ATS Engineering Division, Warner Robins, GA
  • Rick Foyt - US Marine Corps, APS Technical Program Officer Automatic Test Equipment Program ATEP MDMC, Albany, GA

Design for testability panel

Wednesday, September 14
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Magic Kingdom 4

Moderator: Louis Y. Ungar, Advanced Test Engineering (A.T.E.) Solutions, Inc.


  • David R. Carey Ph.D., Chair of Electrical Engineering and Physics, Wilkes University
  • Jim Lauffer, Vice President, DSI International
  • Dr. Russell Shannon, Lead Systems Engineer (IDATS), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
  • Craig Stoldt, Engineering Manager, BAE Systems, IE&WS
  • Loofie Gutterman, President, Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.
  • Michael T. Ellis, Retired, Technical Chair of AUTOTESTCON 2016

Many designs lack the necessary features to detect, isolate and easily repair failed circuits. While DFT techniques, such as JTAG/IEEE-1149.1 boundary scan have assisted in board manufacturing test, their system level applications have been lagging. For example, commercial-off- the-shelf (COTS) boards and systems increasingly used in military systems reduce hardware costs, but has it made test and diagnosis of the system easier or more difficult? In many cases the JTAG port is not accessible at the system level, which begs the question of what can we do to get testable COTS? Some COTS are equipped with Built-In Test (BIT), but these test the individual subsystem – not the entire system – and that may not detect or isolate system faults.  System level DFT and DFD (diagnosability) are essential for cost effective support.  We know that testability has to be implemented early in the design, but can test and design work together cost-effectively? Whom do we ask to implement it?  How?  New techniques, such as the IEEE-1687 support hierarchical test, but can we get management backing to design testable systems?

These are some of the issues that Panelists and the Audience will tackle and as in previous panels make pragmatic and useful recommendations to bring back to managers.

2016 Outlook of modular instrumentation in the t&m industry panel

Wednesday, September 14
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Magic Kingdom 4

Moderator: Bob Helsel, Executive Director of the PXI Systems Alliance; VXIbus, LXI and AXIe Consortia; President, Bode Enterprises, LLC


  • Larry Desjardin, Founder, Modular Methods
  • Reggie Rector, Co-Chair, PXISA Marketing Committee; National Instruments
  • Dr. Fred Blönnigen, CEO, Bustec Production; Bustec Director, VXIbus Consortium
  • Chris Miller, Chairman of the Board, AXIe Consortium, Keysight Technologies
  • Steve Schink, Chairman of the Board, LXI Consortium; Marketing Planner, Keysight Technologies

What is the status and outlook for VXI,  PXI, LXI, and AXIe instrumentation? Has modular instrumentation become the defacto standard of automated test? In what applications? What does this mean for Mil/Aero applications in particular? Four industry experts will give brief presentations on these topics followed by an interactive panel discussion.


Bob Helsel has managed the VXI, PXI, AXIe, LXI, and IVI standards organizations since 2006. Formerly, he worked in the T&M divisions of HP and Agilent Technologies as a product planner, outbound program manager, product marketing engineer, support engineer and training manager for test systems in the wireless, lightwave, and automotive markets. He holds a BSECE from CU, Boulder and a BA in English Literature from Wesleyan University   

Reggie Rector Group Manager, PXI Marketing at National Instruments.

Dr. Fred Blönnigen, CEO, Bustec Production; Bustec Director, VXIbus Consortium

Larry Desjardin is the founder and president of Modular Methods LLC.  Larry joined Hewlett Packard (now Keysight Technologies), serving in several R&D and executive management positions.  As an R&D Manager, Larry received the John Fluke Sr. Memorial Award in recognition of his contribution to the creation of the VXIbus. Most recently, he was General Manager of Agilent’s Modular Product Operation before retiring in 2011. Larry holds a BS Engineering from CalTech, and an MS Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Chris Miller is Chairman of the Board, AXIe Consortium; strategic planner focused on the modular form factor in Keysight’s central planning organization. He began his career with Keysight, Agilent and Hewlett-Packard in 1979, when he joined HP Labs in Palo Alto.  He later transferred to Santa Rosa, where he is currently based.  Chris has worked primarily in R&D management and planning leadership roles in various product divisions and central technology organizations. 

Steve Schink is a Marketing Planner at Keysight Technologies.  He is president and chairman of the Board at the LXI Consortium.